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As a result of founding the nation's first video services franchise, plus owning and operating Impac International and Impac Productions which specialized in the franchising sector, Mitch is considered as one of the nation's leading authorities on franchising. If you are looking to franchise your business, or purchase a franchise, it would be a wise investment to retain the Let’s Talk Business Network and Mitch as he has worked with such franchisors as Blockbuster Video, Dunkin Donuts, Subway, and countless others on an International basis. The real world experiences, especially the countless mistakes made by others is something you must learn from and not make yourself, especially as franchising your business is a separate business all by itself, and requires substantial capital in order to be done correctly. In 1988 Mitch produced and directed the award winning “How To” video called “Franchise Explosion”, plus was the host and producer of the national TV show called “Franchising Today” which aired on Lifetime.



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