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Marketing Communication & Video Production Services


Every entrepreneur has their area of strength, and LTBN’s founder Mitchell Schlimer is no exception. Mitch’s gift is the ability to see needs in the market, especially for its clients, and create strategies and advertising campaigns in order to generate additional revenues while building a brand that has real market value. One of these services includes video production, where Mitch works with a team and produces such products as video brochures, sales videos, training videos, TV commercials, and TV Shows. Mitch also works with his team to create web-sites, brochures and much more, of which sometimes the photography used is shot by Mitch himself. For example, go to RainRich , and you will see for yourself Mitch’s photography, combined with leading the team to create this web-site and the “Rain Rich Look” idea and campaign. Mitch and LTBN has done this for countless clients, especially those who appreciate the unique skills and keen eye of Mitch, which is also reflected in all the work done for Nirvana Café & Grille in Atlanta. Also visit the LTBN store in order to view and buy some of Mitch’s unique photography which covers everything from butterflies to sporting events.



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