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Do You Have The Superman Complex?

The Superman Complex is a term coined by Max Carey meaning you have to do it all yourself and do not have balance in your life. Max put together the quiz below to see if you have the Superman Complex and to what degree.

True or False Questions

1) No one at my company works harder or better than I do.

2) My opinions and decisions are correct at least 90% of the time.

3) There are two ways to do any job a) perfect and b) useless.

4) I can do with less sleep, less food, less leisure tham almost anyone else.

5) Faced with a decision, I always make it quickly and confidently.

6) When I set my mind to something, nothing can stop me.

7) Truth is, I could do everyone else's job if I wanted to.

8) My salary, my title and my awards demonstrate my worth.

9) I've never met a challenge I didn't relish.

10) It's lonely at the top, but I'm comfortable with that.

Scoring the quiz:

If you said true to:

3-4 questions: You have some Superman Complex symptoms, but they don't control you.

5-6 questions: You have a Superman Complex, but you're fighting it.

7-8 questions: Face it: you have a healthy Superman Complex

9-10 questions: You are the classic case of the Superman Complex.

If you want to read more about the Superman Complex read Max Carey's book "SupermanComplex: Achieving The Balance That Leads To True Success" or you can listen to Max on LTB Radio.



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