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The Let's Talk Business Network Member Profile

Our members are chief executives and entrepreneurial business owners. Their businesses represent a diversity of industries and vertical markets such Infinity Info Systems, M5 Networks, 24/Seven, Rain Rich Sprinklers, Provence d’amour, Caliber Training Institute, Fuel Outdoor, Lotus PR and countless others who have become leaders in their respective industries while members and clients of LTBN. These entrepreneurs and CEO’s consistently invest in themselves and their businesses to effect the growth of their companies, while striving to create real market value.

lara kisielewska

"Being an LTBN member is of tremendous value, especially the mastermind groups and the one on one coaching with Mitch."

Lara Kisielewska
- President Optimum Design & Consulting.

While this may be the basic profile of our members, we don't extend membership based solely on that criteria.

Let's Talk Business Network® clients and members believe in the following principles:

Lifelong Learning. Education never stops and life presents itself with invaluable learning and growth opportunities each step of the way. That learning can come from books, but most effectively, it is acquired through First Hand Experience. If not your own, then through the experience of your peers.

Givers Gain. The most successful individuals have an abundance mentality. They make deposits into the emotional bank account of others knowing full well that it will be returned.

Listen to the Room. Sure, you're a smart person. But can you accept critical feedback? LTBN members know that there are collectively many more years of experience around the table than just their own, and just as many perspectives on a point of discussion. When members bring an issue for their board to discuss on their behalf, they listen and are prepared to take action. This also hold true in their one on one coaching.

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