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Why Do They Join?


If we had to choose one word to encapsulate the primary motivation behind membership, that word would be confidence.

Not the kind of confidence that allows you to perform everyday tasks, but the kind of confidence that enables a business owner or chief executive to make the tough, critical decisions:

  • Hiring, Firing & other Human Resources related-decisions
  • Investments of time, capital and other resources
  • Partnerships
  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing & Sales Processes
  • Financial Decisions

Each day, we help our members grow and acquire the confidence they need through:

  • The knowledge & experience of their peers
  • One-on-one reflection with our trained facilitators
  • The identification and application of required key learning

What are some of the other reasons they join?

  • To surround themselves with like-minded peers - other entrepreneurial business owners and chief executives
  • To remove themselves from the day-to-day operations of their business and focus working ON their business, instead of working IN it
  • To take their business to another level, first by defining and understanding what that may look like, then setting goals to reach that level
  • To be accountable to their own goals and committments


The Core of Membership

  • CEO Advisory Boards
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Workshops and other Group Learning Environments
  • Personalized Connections with Let's Talk Business Network Members

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