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Entrepreneur's Quiz

So, you think you want to own your business but you're not sure what qualities you need to be successful? Then, this little quiz can help you find out what your strong business skills are and where you need to make improvements.

Answer the following questions on a Scale of 1 - 5 (1 - definitely not; 2 - not likely; 3 - sometimes; 4 - probably; 5 - definitely.)

Do you have many hobbies (besides TV viewing and playing video/computer games)?

Do you take a leadership role in group settings?

Can you discipline yourself to finish a project, even if it means late nights and low recognition from peers?

Do you often think of new and innovative ways to do things?

Do you enjoy meeting new people?

Have you had success in the past in planning a project and carrying it through to its completion?

Would you consider yourself a positive person?

Even when things go wrong, do you try to "learn a lesson" from the experience?

Do you enjoy working alone?

Do you manage your time well?

Do you like to set goals and achieve them?

Do you like to take calculated risks to achieve an objective?

Entrepreneur Quiz Scoring:

If most of your scores are 5's, you have a very strong "entrepreneurial streak" and should strive for your goals.

If most of your scores are 4's and 5's with some 3's, you can probably plan to be self-employed.

If you scored mostly 3's and 2's, strongly consider whether you want to commit the time to starting your own business.

If you scored mostly 2's and 1's, it's not likely you're ready to be an entrepreneur, BUT many people have achieved their dreams of self employment even when they started without all the necessary personal characteristics!

This quiz was developed by The Biz Resource Group.


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