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About LTBN

Let's Talk Business Network™ was founded in 1993 in order to be the entrepreneurial support network, which means being a company built upon lifelong learning and sharing from the experiences and journey’s of others. Our commitment to everyone we work with is to their success both from a business and personal perspective, while insuring they build a company that has real market value that can be exited with significant financial returns to the entrepreneur.

With your needs in mind, we create and facilitate Peer Advisory Boards for Chief Executives and entrepreneurial business owners, plus do extensive consulting and coaching with entrepreneurs who are serious about building a company that also gives back to the community. Social entrepreneurship is very important to LTBN.

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Our clients seek confidence in their decision-making, the unique perspective of other entrepreneurs, and the lessons that come from first hand experience especially that of our founder Mitchell Schlimer. Mitch is a well respected authority and recognized expert in the fields of entrepreneurship, business ownership, franchising and video production, which he shares with our clients who need his unique experiences and wisdom based on his three decades on his Road To Success.

Each month, using our proprietary method, our professional facilitators lead groups of 10-12 people as they collaborate on issues, challenges and proactive growth initiatives related to their businesses.

Outside of the group advisory and LTBN learning environments, our team acts as advisors and coaches, working with members one-on-one to gain clarity and perspective on specific issues. We also build connections for members and clients in our extensive global network and are always encouraging continuous professional growth which really helps in having a life and a business.

Yes, we are a community of your peers, who are fellow entrepreneurs, CEO’s and business owners.


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