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Since 1993, Let's Talk Business radio is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, CEO's, small business owners and franchisees learn from the journey, experiences and wisdom of our guest, which have included Sir Richard Branson, Ben & Jerry, Wally Amos, Anita Roddick, Jim Collins, Warren Bennis, Ken Blanchard, Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, James Ray, Lillian Vernon, Jeffrey Gitomer, Earl Graves and the list goes on an on. For 20 years, Mitch has not only interviewed the whose who in the entrepreneurial world, but made sure he learned from his guests of which he shares this knowledge with all of LTBN's clients and those at the EpiCenter which is the home of the Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame which Mitch is the founder and Executive Director which is based in downtown Atlanta.


  • Host of Let's Talk Business radio show for over 20 years.
  • Voted by Talkers magazine as one of the 100 most important radio talk show hosts in America.
  • National voice for entrepreneurs and small business owners.
  • Interviewed well over 750 of the worlds leading entrepreneurs, CEO and Authors of Business Books



Listen to MItch here and every Tuesday at 12noon EST, on WREK, 91.1 FM in Atlanta. Feel free to always call Mitch live when he is on the air at 404-894-2468 and send him e-mails to mitch@ltbn.com. You can always listen live on the Internet at WREK. Listen to the promo

Hear Mitch's interview on Atlanta Business Radio, where you will learn all about the EpiCenter and what it going on there, along with its Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame which are both located in downtown Atlanta in the Marque 1 Tower.

Listen to November 12th "Let's Talk Business", as Mitch celebrates "EpiCenter Week" and focuses on franchising by interviewing Bill Michael of AdviCoach and Paul Segreto, the brand new CEO of Franchise Source Brands International out of Southbury, Connecticut.

Listen to the May 7th "Let's Talk Business" as Mitch's first featured guest was live in the studio and is the author and franchise veteran Greg Tanner. Greg is a real "vet" in many ways, which includes him currently being the National Franchise Director for Aarons and the author of "Tannerisms". After Greg, was "turnaround" authority and author Lee Katz. Lee is the Chairman of Grisanti, Galef & Goldress and the author of " How NOT To Hire A Guy Like Me"-Lessons learned from CEO's mistakes. Lee has specialized in turning around companies for more than 25 years and knows a lot about crises management and how to build a successful and profitable company. There is plenty of wisdom to be learned from in this Let's Talk Business show.

Listen to the April 30th "Let's Talk Business" as Mitch's first featured guest from Atlanta is Joe Lindenmayer the President and co-owner of TSS Photography. After Joe, Chief Empowerment Officer and entrepreneur Cathy Hankinson joins Mitch as they discuss "money", her new game, and Cathy's company Impact Success Systems.

Listen to the February 26, 2013 show as Mitch's first featured guest was Mike Gomez, who is a "Business Growth" specialist and the owner Allegro Consulting based in Atlanta. Mitch's second featured guest was Gary Goerke, the entrepreneur behind his Michigan based company Clarity who knows plenty about growing a company, niching and much more.

Listen and learn from the Feb. 19, 2013 "Let's Talk Business", as Mitch focuses the show on "dreaming big" as both guests are serial entrepreneurs based in Atlanta who have dreamed big and have reached their dreams and goals. Mitch's first featured guest is Joyce Bone, the entrepreneur and author behind her latest venture MillionaireMoms.com . Mitch's second featured guest is Larry Dean the visionary entrepreneur behind many ventures including Dean Gardens.

Listen to the Feb.12, 2013 "Let's Talk Business", as Mitch focuses the show on technology, especially "marketing technologies", and Youth Empowerment. Mitch's first featured guest was Eric Stoll, the entrepreneur, technologist, President and Co-Founder of Arke Systems. Mitch's second featured guest was David Bakelman, who is the President of the Magic Wand Foundation, and was celebrating Youth Empowerment as the Magic Wand Foundation which Mitch Co-Founded was having their 4th Annual One Magical Night at the prestigious Fox theatre.

Listen to the February 5, 2013 show as Mitch focuses the show on overcoming adversity and leadership with two featured guests based in Atlanta. Mitch's first featured guest was entrepreneur, author and coach Chloe Taylor Brown who helps us with her "PEP System" and much more. Mitch's second featured guest was Dick Teters, who has been a CEO of many ventures, plus is the Executive Director for "The Center for Accountable Leaders", and Lecturer in Management and Entrepreneurship at Kennesaw State University.

Listen to the January 29, 2013 show as Mitch focuses the show on youth entrepreneurship and youth empowerment. Mitch's first guest is author & serial entrepreneur Michael Simmons who is the Co-Founder of Empact. Mitch's second featured guest is Steve Mariotti, the founder of the Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) and also the Class of 2012 Philanthropic and Social Entrepreneurship Award winner presented by the Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame at their induction event this past December 1st in Atlanta.

Listen to the January 22, 2013 Let's Talk Business as Mitch Schlimer first interviewed Nubielena Medina, the founder of NMG Consulting based in Miami which specializes in strategic communications, public relations & branding. Mitch's second featured guest was world traveler Emilie Baird, who is the Executive Director of the Casimiro Global Foundation and expert in conflict resolution, non-profits, and focusing her skills and energy on making a difference especially for the youth of the world.

Listen to the January 15, 2013 "Let's Talk Business" show, as EpiCenter (home of the Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame ) founder and host Mitch Schlimer interviews entrepreneurs and CEO's Kjell de Orr and Gail Birks both Board Members of the Casimiro Global Foundation. The show focused on "Youth Empowerment" and the Casimiro Global Foundation, plus you will learn about market research, Boards of Directors and much more.

Listen to the December 12, 2012 "Let's Talk Business", as Mitch interviews entrepreneurs and authors Dahlynn McKowen of Publishing Syndicate based in California and Joey Reiman of Brighthouse based in Atlanta. As the Co-Author of Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneurs Soul, plus here brand new venture and series called "Not Your Mother's Books, you will learn a lot from Dahlynn including the keys to being a successful author. After Dahlynn, Joey Reiman joins Mitch and they discuss his latest book "The Power Of Purpose", branding and so much more with this original thinker and fascinating entrepreneur.

Listen to the October 16th "Let's Talk Business" as Mitch's first featured guest is Atlanta's very own serial entrepreneur Cornelius McNab, the Founder and Chairman of 40Billion.com. After Cornelius, Karen Kerrigan the President and CEO of the Small Business Entrepreneurship Council joins Mitch from Washington, D.C. This is one show you don't want to miss, as Mitch explores with his guests the "Crowd Funding" trend and legislation passed and signed by President Obama, that is sure to have a dramatic effect on raising money for Entrepreneurs like never seen before in history.

Listen to the October 9th Let's Talk Business as Mitch's first featured guest is Ken Yancey, the CEO of SCORE . After Ken, Liz Elam joined Mitch and they explored the exploding trend of Co-Working which now has over 2000 outlets nationwide and growing at 200%.

Listen to the October 2nd "Let's Talk Business" as Mitch's first featured guest is Paul Segreto, the President and CEO of Franchise Foundry. After Paul, Doug Smith, the COO of Jerry Darnell & Associates joins Mitch from Colorado for another entertaining and informative show which captures the 2 Trillion dollar method of distribution known as franchising.

Listen to the September 25, 2012 "Let's Talk Business" with Brian Mattingly, the CEO of Welcomemat Services, and Robbie Whitten the CEO of Money Mizer Pawn & Jewelry.

Listen to the September 18, 2012 "Let's Talk Business", as Mitch's first featured guest was Nancy Weingartner, the Executive Editor of Franchise Times Magazine. After Nancy, Catherine Monson joined Mitch from Dallas, as Catherine is the Chief Executive Officer of FastSigns International, Inc.

Listen to the September 11th "Let's Talk Business" as Mitch's first featured guest from Denver is entrepreneur Brian Spindel, the Co-Founder and President of PostNet. After Brian, Jonathan Barnett joins Mitch from Colorado, as Jonathan is the founder and entrepreneur behind the franchise company, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning.

Listen to the September 4, 2012 show as Mitch's first featured guest from Orlando is entrepreneur and philanthropist, Harris Rosen, the founder, President and COO of Rosen Hotels & Resorts which is Florida's largest independent hotelier founded in 1974. After Harris, Mark Kaplan joins Mitch, as Mark is an entrepreneur, branding expert and Chairman of Atlanta's very own franchise company, Great Wraps.

Listen to the August 14th "Let's Talk Business" with Sultan Sheriff, an entrepreneur, writer and award winning film director of Bilal's Stand. After Sultan, Mitch's other featured guest is entrepreneur and motivational speaker Aric Bostick, who will teach you how to get "fired up" and what it takes to " Live Your Dreams..

Listen to the July 17th "Let's Talk Business" as Mitch's first featured guest is David Gebler, an entrepreneur and thought leader in the areas of ethics, values and culture. He is also the author of " The 3 Power Values"- how commitment, integrity and transparency clear the roadblocks to performance. After David is Jim Camp, a world renowned expert and coach in negotiations, and the founder of the Camp Negotiating Institute plus the author of the "Power of No" and "No"- the only negotiating system you need for work and home.

Listen to the July 10th "Let's Talk Business" as Mitch's first featured guest is Chris Cathcart, an investor and principal at the private equity firm the Halifax Group. After Chris is Christian Faulconer, the CEO of the Franchise Foundry located in Utah.

Listen to the July 3 "Let's Talk Business" as Mitch's first featured guest is Bob Gappa, the founder and President of Management 2000 based in Arizona. After Bob is Christopher Grandpre, the Chairman & CEO of Outdoor Living Brands. If you ever thought about franchising your company, or buying a franchise, this is a show you don't want to miss.

Listen and learn from the June 26th show, as Mitch's first featured guest is Jim Carpenter, the founder, entrepreneur, and CEO of Wild Birds Unlimited. After Jim is franchising expert and entrepreneur, Jerry Darnell, who has been involved in the franchising world for over 30 years and whose experience and guidance is priceless.

Listen and learn from the June 19th show, as Mitch's first featured guest is serial entrepreneur, coach, speaker, author and sales expert, Jack Daly. After Jack is AnnMarie Hudson, the entrepreneur, CEO and founder of Millennium Dance Complex in Los Angeles.

Listen to the June 12th show as Mitch's first featured guest is Angela Bossie of Listen360. You will learn all about Customer Feedback Management (CFM) and much more. After Angela, Mitch's second featured guest Lonnie Helgerson, a real "Serial Frantrepreneur" and the new author of "Five Pennies"- 10 Rules to successfully build a Franchise Mega-brand and maximize system profits.

Listen to the June 5th "Let's Talk Business" with serial entrepreneur David McKinnon, the CEO of several franchise companies all under the Service Brands International umbrella. After David is franchising and business expert Jack Eberenz, the President of Franchise Integration.

Listen and learn from the May 29 "Let's Talk Business" show as Mitch's first guest is Atlanta's very own Glenn Carver, the VP of Sales Engine, which is Sandler Training franchise in Alpharetta, plus the author of the new book " Stand In The Heat". After Glenn is entrepreneur and CEO Patricia McCarty, who is the founder of StarShine Academy in Phoenix which is celebrating their 10 year anniversary.

Listen and learn from the May 22 show with Dan Hoffman and Yacov Wrocherinsky, two successful and experienced entrepreneurs from New York City. Their companies and their products, services and technologies, are really helping business owners especially to grow. Mitch's first guest is serial entrepreneur Dan Hoffman from M5 Networks and ShoreTel. After Dan, Yacov Wrocherinsky joins Mitch, as Yacov is the founder and CEO of Infinity Info Systems which is celebrating its 25th anniversary in business.

Listen to the May 15 show with Lisa Martin, an entrepreneur and "executive pathfinder", author and certified coach. After Lisa, Mitch's guest is Tom Portesy, an entrepreneur and the CEO and President of MFV Expositions.

Listen and learn from the May 8 show with Robert Levin and Bob Safian, two successful and experienced editors from New York City. Their magazines and web-sites are really helping entrepreneurs and should be read. Mitch's first guest is the entrepreneur, founder and editor of the New York Enterprise Report, Robert Levin. After Robert, Bob Safian joins Mitch, as Bob is the editor of Fast Company Magazine.

Listen and learn all about franchising and entrepreneurship from this May 1st show, as Mitch's featured guests are Shelly Sun and Ray Margiano, the entrepreneurs and founders of the franchise companies BrightStar and Foot Solutions.

Listen to the April 24th show with Stephen Caldeira, the CEO & President of the International Franchise Association and entrepreneur and franchising expert Craig Slavin, the founder and CEO of Franchise Architects as this show is focused on the 2 Trillion dollar world of Franchising.

Listen to the April 17th show with entrepreneurs and business coaches Lillian Coury and JoAnn Corley. You will learn from Lillian her innovative D.A.R.E to FLY process and much more. JoAnn will teach us how to overcome the stresses of entrepreneurship and the feelings of being overwhelmed, as she is also the author of "Organizational Strategies For The Overwhelmed".

Listen to the April 10th show with James Amos, Jr. the CEO of Tasti D-Lite and entrepreneur and publicist Rhonda Sanderson.

Listen to the February 28th show with entrepreneur, and the author of the new book "Stepping Up", Dr. John Izzo. After Dr. Izzo is serial entrepreneur Jim Herrera, who is a real visionary and the Chief Entrepreneur behind his latest company, Perceptive Insights.

Listen to the February 1 show with the prolific author, entrepreneur and leadership guru Dr. Ken Blanchard as you will also learn from his new book " Great Leaders Grow" and how to be a great leader for life. After Ken is entrepreneur and author John Bradberry, as Mitch focuses John on the "6 Secrets To Startup Success" and how to turn your entrepreneurial passion into a thriving business.

Listen to the January 31 show with entrepreneur Ethan Willis as you will learn all about his book "Prosper" and how to create the life you really want and deserve. The second featured guest is entrepreneur and author Tom Salonek who wrote "Building A Winning Business". You will learn many of the 70 takeaways for creating a company that will remain strong during good and bad economic times.

Listen to the January 24 show with entrepreneur Brian Skudamore, founder of the franchise company 1-800-Got-Junk and author Nick Tasler as we discuss his books "the Impulse Factor" and "Decision Pulse" and the important knowledge needed to make the right decisions especially when running a business.

Listen to the January 17 show with serial entrepreneurs Mark Moses and Sanjay Parekh who provide the real world experience and much needed wisdom to help any entrepreneur, CEO or would be entrepreneur.

Listen to the December 20th show, with Jeff Waller & Scott Shickler. We discussed many important subjects like the Ultimate Life Summit, Magic Wand Foundation, Excent and the brand new book by Jeff and Scott that everyone should read, called "The 7 Mindsets To Live Your Ultimate Life". You can buy the book at www.7mindsets.com

Listen to the December 6th show, with David Craig, President of Excent and David Bakelman, President of the Magic Wand Foundation. You will learn all about Excent and all the work they do in order to "Empower Every Student", plus the work of the Magic Wand Foundation and its One Magical Night event in Atlanta on Feb.11th, plus much more which includes the Ultimate Life Summit which this year is from July 21-29th in Orlando. You can learn more about ULS at www.ultimatelifesummit.com.

Listen to the November 29th show, with Mark Victor Hansen, well known speaker and Co-Author of the Chicken Soup For The Soul Series, plus his new ventures which includes his "Richest Kids In America" book and programs. Following Mark, is Juan Casimiro, VP of programs and global relations for the Ultimate Life Institute and Excent, plus the founder of the Casimiro Foundation which just celebrated its 10 year anniversary where they also continue their toy drive all over the world.

Listen to the November 5th show, with entrepreneur, author and Hall of Fame speaker Larry Winget. After Larry is Chester Elton, " the apostle of appreciation" and the co-founder of Culture Works.

Listen to the October 29th show, with entrepreneur, author and Hall of Fame speaker Shep Hyken. After Shep is Mo Siegel, an extraordinary entrepreneur and the man behind creating the "herbal tea industry" when in 1970 at the age of 20 Mo Co-founded Celestial Seasonings which does over 100M today.

Listen to the October 22nd show, with entrepreneur Susan Solovic, author of the current NY Times bestseller "It's Your Biz" – The Complete Guide To Becoming Your Own Boss, and then Jim Beach, entrepreneur & author of "School For Startups" – The Breakthrough Course for Guaranteeing Small Business Success in 90 Days or Less.

Listen to the September 24th show, with Dr. Laurie Bassi, author of "Good Company"- Business Success In The Worthiness Era, and then Jill Konrath, author of "Snap Selling"- Speed Up Sales And Win More Business With Today's Frazzled Customers

Listen to the August 27th show, with Bob Litwin, a tennis champion and business & tennis coach, plus the founder of the "Focused Game Method". Then after Bob is award winning designer, entrepreneur and "SimpleSophisticate" Laura Green; founder of Laura Green Studios (www.lgreenstudios.com).

Listen to the August 20th show, with Dan Heuertz of Entrepreneurs Organization and GSEA, 22 yr. old Brent Skoda with CollegeFitness.com and 21 year old Catherine Cook, co-founder of myyearbook.com which just sold for 100M.

Listen to the August 13th show, with John Schuster, Founder and CEO of Schuster Kane Alliance, and author of " The Power Of Your Past", and then Karen McCall, founder of the Financial Recovery Institute.

Listen to the August 6th show, with Atlanta's Chris Cooper, Founder and CEO of Execute Your Passion, and author of "Achieve Your Dreams ", and Croix Sather, author and founder of "Dream Big, Act Big".

Listen to the July 30th show, with Juan Casimiro, VP of programs and global relations for the Ultimate Life Institute and Excent and communications and speaking expert Diane Diresta.

Listen to the July 2nd show with "Team Nourish"; Lara Hodgson & Stacey Abrams.

Listen to the June 25th show with author Tim Sanders and the CEO of SCORE - Ken Yancey.

Listen to the March 13 show, with Rieva Lesonsky, Roberta Matuson, Dan Castro and serial & social entrepreneur Scott Shickler.

Mitch is back on the radio, and here is what his featured guests are saying:

"Mitch Schlimer is the consummate entrepreneur and radio professional! His interview style, personality and preparation completely exceeded my expectations and actaully blew me away. It was a pleasure to be a guest on "Let's Talk Business" and now I know first hand why Mitch was voted one of the Top 100 radio hosts in the America. Every entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur, weather young or old, should listen to Mitch each week as you will get your doctorate in entrepreneurship from a real serial and social entrepreneur! Now, I aslo know why many call Mitch, Doc!"
Glenn Carver
Author, Stand in the HEAT

"Mitch Schlimer is the consummate professional and entrepreneur…A speaker and author's dream. He did his homework and asked great questions, directing the interview andenabling us to cover a lot of ground in very little time. I can't wait to be on Let's Talk Business again!"
-Max Bolka
Co-Author, Success is a State of Mind

"Mitch is one of the most insightful, prepared hosts that I've encountered in promoting my book " Building a Winning Business". With six businesses under his belt, Mitch is a serial entrepreneur in his own right. It's great to be interviewed by someone who's "been there, done that" and asks great questions along with his own experiences, gives tremendous value to every listener and entrepreneur from all over the world."
-Tom Salonek, entrepreneur and CEO of Intertech, and author of "Building A Winning Business"

“Mitch, amazing stuff! I love talk radio; I listen to sports, right wing, left wing, etc.; but it is all simply entertainment. Nothing has inspired me on the radio this week AT ALL. But this radio show has done more for me personally than anything in the last 100 hours of radio. I'm grateful you are back on the air!!!!!! thanks so much for the show. It was OUTSTANDING!” said Carmen Cavolo of Phoenix, AZ

"If you want to be stretched, appear on Let's Talk Business. Mitch is well researched, provocative and deeply committed to his audience. The time will fly, you'll find new insights you hadn't considered – and people will discover the real you along the way."
-Previous guest Tim Sanders (best selling author of Today We Are Rich: Harnessing The Power Of Total Confidence)

"Mitch Schlimer is a consummate professional. He knows the small business niche better than anyone on the airwaves. He does thorough research before he invites a guest on his show because he always wants to make sure his listeners get real value. Our goal at Best Small Biz Help.com is to improve the success rate of small businesses. For Mitch Schlimer, it's his passion. It was the best inteview I've ever had. What a pleasure it is to work with him."
-Professor Dawn Fotopulos
Founder, Best Small Biz Help.com

"Mitch Schlimer is the real deal when it comes to sharing great business ideas and wisdom. He encourages his guests to share their advice and strategies in a practical, enjoyable manner. Listening to his show is time well spent."
-Jane Applegate, author of '201 Great Ideas for Your Small Business' and executive producer of the Great Ideas Network (www.201greatideas.com).

"After listening to myself on Let's Talk Business, which aired on July 30th, I found it quite interesting how Mitch questions his guests in order to reveal what is really important, including what we are passionate about. Mitch's has this unique ability to get someone to really think things through, and bring out what others many times don't see or know, and I find that quite impressive. I really like the way Mitch is now using Let's Talk Business radio as a source to motivate and educate young entrepreneurs, which is priceless. It's as simple as 1-2-3...Click, click, click and you have an instant oral library of knowledge and wisdom from some of the greatest entrepreneurs and business experts from around the world. Thankfully and fortunately, I was considered as one of your featured guests in the global radio show and invaluable business Network- LTBN."
Juan Casimiro, VP of programs and global relations for the Ultimate Life Institute and Excent (www.excent.com)

"Let's Talk Business is, and has always been, THE radio talk show for entrepreneurs, small business owners and other self-employed professionals. MItch Schlimer asks the tough questions, and always manages to track down the best experts on any given subject. What's best is that the show is 'no fluff' -- no lightweight banter, just the practical, real-world information and advice that entrepreneurs need."
-- Cliff Ennico, host of the PBS television series MoneyHunt, nationally syndicated columnist, and author of 15 books on small business law and management.

"It was indeed a pleasure being a guest on Let's Talk Business Radio Show. The INCREDIBLE Mitch Schilmer was much more than just a host, he shared some amazing nuggets about life, business and success that made it a true learning experience for me as well! Also as a result of my appearance on the show my book sales (Achieve Your Dreams: 26 Quick Keys to Succeed in Life) and website hits shot up and I emphatically recommendd The Let's Talk Business Network, as it provides a plethora of valuable information to take your business and your life to the next Level!"
-Chris Cooper
Author, Coach, Trainer, Motivator


Listen to select clips from Let's Talk Business Radio.

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Richard Branson - Founder of Virgin and author of "Losing My Virginity".

Jack Canfield - Author of "The Success Principles".

Jim Collins - Author of "Good to Great".

Robert Michael Fried - Author of "A Marketing Plan For Life".

Jeffrey Gitomer - Author of "The Patterson Principles of Selling"

Robert Kiyosaki - Author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad"

Harvey Mackay - Author of "Pushing The Envelope All The Way To The Top"

Paul Orfalea - Founder of Kinko's and Author of "Copy This"

Tim Sanders - Author of the "Likeability Factor".

Brian Tracy - Author of "The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success"

Here is what some of the guests on "Let's Talk Business" have had to say:

"Your questions were much more focused and appropriate than the average talk
show host. You asked all the right things, made all the right observations,
and led the interview in a direction that was much more productive than most
of the previous 241 radio interviews I had done. And when it finally hit me
that you had actually read my book before doing the interview, you could
have knocked me over with a feather."

Roy Williams - best selling author-"The Wizard Of Ads"

"Your show, the callers and your interview was the best! Every entrepreneur
in America needs to listen on a regular basis."

Anthony Parinello - author, lecturer-"Selling To Vito".

"Throughout the past 20 years, I've been a guest on hundreds of radio and TV
talk shows. Some of the hosts were very good, many were terribly prepared.
You were the best of all, especially in your preparation on me personally
and the book, "The Sales Professional's Idea-a-Day Guide." Thanks so much
and keep up the good work".

- Tony Alessandra, Ph.D., author and speaker

" Mitch, you're one of the great enthusiasts in the world. I know you're
making a difference out there for entrepreneurs."

- Ken Blanchard, Speaker, teacher, author-"One Minute Manager".


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